VOTE NO ON Measure C

Declaring their 2nd fiscal emergency in the last two years, and with a budget that’s been out of balance in 8 of the last 11 years, the Carson City Council rushed to call a special election to put Measure C on the Nov. 7th ballot. This general tax increase could cause all Carson residents to pay more and hurt hard-working Carson families and small businesses. Vote No on Measure C.


Measure C gives the City Council a blank check


Measure C gives the Carson City Council a blank check to spend our tax dollars. The City Council could have written Measure C to guarantee that our taxes are spent on essential services. Instead, they wrote themselves a blank check to spend our hard-earned tax dollars on anything they desire… including their pet projects. 


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Measure C Is the Wrong Solution for Carson

Carson residents could pay more if Measure C passes. By increasing the cost of doing business, Measure C could also harm hard-working Carson families and businesses. Sign-up now to stay informed and voice your opposition to Measure C.

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